About The Ceylon Spice House

The Ceylon Spice House began their fragrant and flavorsome company with the aim of bringing you a range of pure, aromatic and fresh spices to season your meals every day. Our Ceylon Spice House products are 100% natural spice with no artificial sweeteners because we intend to give you an authentic Sri Lankan traditional culinary experience through each and every dish you make. Our motto of “Spice like no other” is ingrained into our production process, from the collection of the fresh ingredients to the well detailed packaging of our spices.

Our product portfolio is made up of a plethora of spices and we are constantly evolving to enrich our product range with the finest ethnic freshly made products just for you. We understood the importance of preserving our country’s culinary delights, therefore our rich range of spices go through modern milling techniques, while making sure our production process preserves quality & standards. Sharing Sri Lanka’s inimitable spices with the world will open up innovative paths for the culinary arts.

This is why we aim to take our products to the international markets and let our spices do the talking. The Ceylon Spice House aims to be pave the way towards becoming the largest spice producer in Sri Lanka.

Just as catering to your needs is one of our highest priorities, our responsibility to the environment and our surrounding communities remains just as important. Our entire process is aimed at minimizing environmental pollution. Maintaining strong relationships with our workforce creates an unbreakable bond within the Ceylon Spice House Family because we understand the value of every single person. Our skilled experts and well-trained staff members carefully quality check each and every product under strict guidelines to maintain high quality products standards. The brand identity created by Ceylon Spice House will be synonymous with premium quality fresh spices.

Our Vision

To become one of the leading players in manufacturing and marketing of Spices in the local and export market.

Our Mission

To win the hearts of customers by ensuring to provide exceptional quality products with the best ingredients which leads towards greater customer satisfaction with a devouring culinary experience whilst being environmentally and socially responsible.

Director Board

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