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Quality Controlling

Ceylon Spice House has established quality control standards to ensure that these are maintained and practices throughout the manufacturing process that affects goodness of the end product.

The quality standards of our raw materials are maintained through strict materials selection method. Further, high quality is maintained through packaging guidelines defined under state of art technology which needs to be followed by our expertise staff under control supervision.

In the process of quality control, we take all measures to establish quality standards which par with food hygiene and in terms of quantity, design, durability and the appearance of the product on the basis of customer preferences.

We strictly monitor product quality in a systematic manner with periodical checks of end product to identify and take corrective actions of any deviations from set standards of quality.

Quality Assurance

We are well focused on certifying the products with compliance to company standards and rules and regulations set by consumer health authorities to assure that the product is designed and implemented with correct procedures.

“Mihikatha” is committed to carry its quality in every step of the production process by continuously examining and taking proactive actions to change the processes. Every single product is tested through laboratories while the ingredients are tested in the same manner prior to production. It is to be noted that the raw materials as well as the end products are subjected to a series of tests as quality checking and moisture tests all of which are based on world-renowned standards.

The staff is well trained to adhere to the quality standards and practices of the end to end processes in delivering the spices to customers. Furthermore, expertise staff is well inculcated in the production process and is determined to reach the maximum of quality assurance.

The business is also on its way to receive approval of several renowned certifications: GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000, EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) and SLS. Continuous research & developments activities will be carried out to enhance and optimize the quality of the products to support continuous improvements of the processes through learning & innovation.

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